2 year degree in business management


2 year degree in business management-International Profile, E-Marketing


Advantages & programs

Here is strong focus training on the context of free trade across the American continent. Experienced teachers available and bring you to acquire the essential skills in the field of marketing and to control the use of the latest software.


You are also trained to work in both English and French, a major asset in this context. The experience of teamwork and communication training that you receive will allow you to practice your skills in different types of organizations and influencing your workplace.


Training in Marketing and E-commerce

In this program, you will acquire the essential knowledge in marketing, e-commerce, management and information technology and communications. You will learn, among other things, to construct and update a website promoting trade. Through your training, you can also work in retail.


With a best 2 year degree in Business Management, you will be well prepared to get along with companies that provide leadership in their field and those who change the world.


Credited Courses

Towards the end of your studies, universities propose internships that give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and promote integration into the labor market in a company doing business internationally. Internships abroad and the possibility of a study session in another country are also available.


Future employers


  • Small and medium enterprises importing or exporting
  • Multinationals
  • Business services, retail or manufacturing


Employment choices


  • Promotion Coordinator
  • Advertising coordinator
  • Creator websites
  • Web Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Responsible for market research
  • Responsible for marketing strategy


Access to university


Graduates can continue their university studies in business schools or faculties, provided to meet the eligibility criteria. Some universities recognize their course equivalencies.









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