2 Year Degree In Philosophy

The study of philosophy has an objective of training the student as a citizen who has a political, social and professional role to play. It forms the methodical and critical reflection on issues relating to the search for meaning and truth.


Western philosophy relies on reason in the study of fundamental questions. The spirit of free inquiry that offers philosophy led to the exercise of critical judgment. This  Philosophy Booksaccustoms the student to question his way of thinking, questioning the evidence and qualify its reflection. Philosophy tends toward universal answers and allows developing the capacity for abstract thought.


The program and courses of best 2 year degrees in philosophy are designed in a sequence with respect to the themes, the history of thought and intellectual skills. These sets contribute to the transmission of culture as a heritage of civilization, the development of rational thought, the development of an enlightened human being and consolidation of personal and social ethics.


Program and courses


Philosophy and rationality

This course has an objective to see the capacity of the student to handle a philosophical question by developing a rigorous argument. He or she learns the philosophy by reading the key moments of its evolution and its distinction from the science and religion. In the Greco-Roman culture, philosophical rationality developed through the practice of questioning and argumentation. The study of this thought is put at the service of personal goals acquisition of a skill to question and argue.


The human being

Based on the achievements of the philosophical approach developed in the philosophy and rationality course, this course is that the student learns how to characterize, compare and discuss philosophical conceptions of the human being. This course covers the key concepts, principles and presuppositions of some conceptions of the human being philosophers of modern and contemporary time, including, R. Descartes, T. Hobbes, Rousseau, K. Marx, F. Nietzsche, S. Freud and Sartre. Students also learn to compare and critically evaluate different conceptions of the human being. As written work, focuses on critical commentary and comparative essay.


Ethical and political

In this course the student must have completed the first two courses in philosophy before enrolling in this course. He takes up and develops some elements of the first two courses, particularly in terms of argumentation, but he turned deliberately to the news in order to identify ethical issues and policy and apply concepts and theories. To do this, the student makes a judgment on ethical and political issues of contemporary society, with a critical and autonomous way relative to issues and ethical debates and political society. It takes knowledge of different ethical and political philosophical theories and applies them to various situations chosen, especially in his field of study of best 2 year degrees in philosophy.


Further studies  


Further studies in the field of philosophy:

  • Preparation of Capes and aggregation of Philosophy

Further studies outside philosophy: 

  • All studies requiring an academic high level, both, for the possession of a broad and deep philosophical culture, a master of the written and oral arguments rational and incorporates a research and theoretical literature. The various forms of cultural practice.


Career Opportunities


Careers in teaching and research  Diploma

Best 2 year degrees in philosophy: open opportunities

Jobs in communication and book publishing and dissemination of knowledge, including in the field of web writing manuals for journalistic, political or administrative, designer and copywriter, etc…





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