2 Year Degree In Photography


Job description

The professional photographer graduated of best 2 year degrees attracts, fascinates sometimes. In addition, with digital, more and more people are forced to sell Photographerphotographs, amateur or professional. The business of photography, like all businesses, are subject to certain rules and restrictions you should know before embarking to find work as a professional photographer.

The professional photographer is not limited to performing simple shots. A professional photographer may be required to participate in different types of situations depending on the direction he has chosen.

A photojournalist follows the news moment and will cover hazardous areas where conflicts occur, for example. It is possible to become a fashion photographer, working for magazines and making pictures of different items: clothing, jewelry, furniture, appliances, etc…

As a freelancer or entrepreneur, the photographer can also offer services for weddings or special events. He can also work as a freelancer and make his own shots. It must therefore be able to convince, to promote and how to sell photos.

In all cases, the photographer can seize the best angles and light works and framing according to the theme or order that has been made.


Program and courses


Best 2 year degrees in photography when students learn and take some specific courses:

  • Can learn how to take pictures to become a professional photographer. It is a State diploma, with a good recognition in the profession, general and comprehensive.


  •  A course to train technicians who are familiar with the entire graphic (scanning or image editing, scanning…) and are able to carry out business functions.


  • Computer skills to work on photos edit pictures and give them special effects.


  • Good visual culture, student learn how to address all sorts of things and know how to present in a new and original way to capture the attention



  • Art photographer
  • Photographer provider
  • Press photographer
  • Photo lab technician
  • Finisher, controller calibrator-filter …


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