2 year degree in Physical Measurements

Physical Measurements specialists are in high demand and the industry continues to deplore the shortage. Skills can design completely the acquisition chains and perform measurements in all areas of physics. Students In Laboratory

The taste of the “matter”, the need to understand its functioning and reactions, the desire to find in each situation “ideal material” perfectly suited for a promised use lead technicians and researchers to become curious about their environment and able to understand, design, analyze and create. In addition, computers and electronics, fundamental in all areas of physics that keep pace with technology and innovation based on solid scientific disciplines.

Two possible specializations for a technician in Physical Measurements


The Department of Physical Measurements as senior technicians specializes in:

The instrumentation


The highlights are:

  • The sensors to convert a physical quantity in electronic;
  • Electronics and industrial micro-computer can process the signal from the sensor and the information contained in this signal.


Materials science


The highlights are techniques for the development and characterization:

  • Metals and alloys;
  • Plastic materials and composites;
  • Materials for electronic devices (semiconductors, integrated circuits);
  • Materials in thin layers.

The technician expertise in Physical Measurements

Occupations related to Physical Measurements are always changing and are not compartmentalized. They can:


  • Performing measurements in fully dominant operating parameters of systems in the measurement of the actuators;
  • Interpret, analyze the results, and perform calculations related measures;
  • Maintain and assist potential users of the system;
  • Design and implement, with the assistance of an engineer.



With their multidisciplinary training, graduates of best 2 year degrees in Physical Measurements find employment in many sectors of industry:


  • Mechanical engineering, aerospace, automotive,
  • Telecommunications
  • Instrumentation, sensors,
  • Optics,
  • Chemical, oil, rubber,
  • Materials, industrial computing,
  • Nuclear energy development new

They can take a position:


  • Activity in research and development,
  • In the production,
  • In the tests,
  • In quality.

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