2 year Degree of Network and Telecommunications




This best 2 year degrees is aimed at all those who are interested in or passionate about new technologies (Wi-Fi, IP communication). The objective of this sector is the Network &Telecommunicationsformation of technicians able of installing, administering a computer network or telephone for company.

Given the skills, the holder of best 2 year degrees in network and communications management will have to be employed in a strategic sector of the company.

He will participate in the selection, implementation, operation and development of business networks and their interconnections.

It will analyze the problems related to the processing and transmission of information (data, voice, images).


The subjects taught are:


– Networks and Operating Systems

– Intranet and Internet

– Database

– Corporate Communication

– Project Management

– Technical English


The graduate of best 2 year degrees in telecommunications networks should be able to set up an internal network to the company and take care of the maintenance and security of the intranet. It can also be responsible for the installation positions and their connection to the network. With several years of experience, he will also train staff to use the tool.


Job opportunities


Companies that are particularly affected by this qualification are:

  • Companies or administrations in all sectors (industrial, banking, hospitals, government offices) for the administration and maintenance of their computer networks and telephone


  • Users of networks and telecommunications equipment,


  • Distributors of telecommunications equipment, card connection for computers, network equipment and interconnection networks, telemetric terminals, telephone and fax


  • Installers, operators and repairers telephony, telephony cabling buildings mixed computer, television collective, local area networks, major networks, cable networks of cities,


  • The service companies (installation, maintenance, and outsourcing)



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