2 Year Degree Program to Be a Veterinary Technician


Job description Veterinary Technician


Technologists and veterinary technicians ensure the welfare of animals by providing health care.


The veterinary technicians take care and treat sick animals under the supervision of a veterinarian. They make blood tests and x-rays, providing teeth care, assist the veterinarian during surgery and care for animals recovering… Training for technicians VET is generally takes best 2 year degrees.


Veterinary Technician Training


To take the exam for National Veterinary Technician certificates, a person must obtain an associate degree program accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. These programs typically require between 66 and 72 credits, more focused on the veterinary practice.




The program provides basics for people to understand and interact, and develop excellent communication skills. Courses could include the psychology of human relations, sociology, communication skills, ethics and discourse.


Veterinary Technician Courses


Animal science courses typically include zoology and animal anatomy and physiology. Courses include specific veterinary management veterinary office, clinical pathology, nursing surgery and animal care, animal infectious diseases, medical care, anesthesia, radiology, pharmacology and control of the hospital supply… An internship is included in the program.


Employment Opportunities


Employment prospects for this occupation are expected to be roughly equal to the average for all occupations. Most job openings will be created by the need to replace existing staff in this area.


The average annual salary of a veterinary technician is about $ 30,000.



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