2 Year Degree to Become a Repairer of Musical Instruments

The repair of musical instruments repairs and sells musical instruments. It is almost always specialized in a particular instrument: guitar, piano, violin, wind instruments (accordion, trumpet, and saxophone)…


Job Description Acoustic Guitar


The repair of musical instruments graduates of best 2 year degrees welcomes the customer and advice.


It is a diagnosis of the state of the instrument and draw up an estimate. He proceeds to the repair or replacement of defective parts (sounding mechanical, harmonic structure, rope, bow …). It gives the stringed instrument (guitar, piano …).


In some cases, it may participate in the manufacture of instruments, under the responsibility of an instrumental factor.


It sells both classical music instruments as electronic instruments (organ, electric guitar …). It provides after-sales service, and possibly renting instruments.


The repair of musical instruments working in the workshop, and also store contact with the public. It uses specific tools that can make noise (woodworking machines, hammering metal) and irritants (glue). It is related with woodworkers and boilermakers. It can move to the customer for repairs.


He practices a craft business and family making musical instruments or a shop-lease repair or cultural organization (museum, conservatory of music …).


Good musician, repair of musical instruments must have an ear for music, be clever with his fingers and work carefully. He must take care of instruments entrusted. He knows the different materials (wood, copper …) and has some knowledge of electronics.


Program and courses


To become a repairer of musical instruments, several best 2 year degrees are suitable, depending on the specialty chosen:


  • Technical assistant musical instruments, options guitar, wind instruments, piano, accordion,
  • Violin,
  • Piano tuner,
  • Organ builder.


These degrees can prepare outside the school system, alternation or vocational training.



  • Bow making: course in musical instrument making and repair.
  • Guitar making and repair:  course in guitar electrics


  • Guitar set up: learning how to set up electric guitar with a teacher


  • Violin making and repair: skills for making and repairing the violin family instruments.


  • Woodwind instrument making and repair: students learn for repairing woodwind instruments.


Job opportunities


With experience, a repairer of musical instruments can be put to his account as a craftsman.


It can also, with a patent craft to be a technician instrument making, moving towards manufacturing (“invoice”) instruments, or to the restoration of old instruments.



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