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Associate Degree in Landscaping Design

An associate’s degree program in landscaping design provides students with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge needed to enter a career in creating and executing landscape and horticulture designs. The program features courses on landscape equipment and gardening, and students learn to beautify outdoor spaces for businesses and residents.

Associate of Arts in Interior Architecture and Design: Degree Overview

Those interested in interior architecture and design might consider a career in interior design. Interior designers strategize in designing inner places and areas of various structures, including airport stations, auditoriums, educational facilities, food establishments, lodging houses, residential dwellings, shopping centers and workplaces. Aspirants may begin their career by pursuing a degree in interior design.

Associates Degree in Landscape Architecture: Program Information

Landscape architects design outdoor spaces, such as parks, playgrounds and college campuses, as well as plan the restoration and conservation of natural areas like forests and wetlands. Landscape architects take advantage of local environmental conditions and create spaces that encourage common experiences.

Associates in Architecture: Degree Overview and Career Options

Education in architecture at an associate degree level is commonly available through architectural engineering technology programs. Within architectural engineering technology associate degree programs, students learn numerous areas of construction, ethics in creating structures and computer-aided design (CAD) systems. Associate degree programs provide a foundation for those seeking education in the processes of architecture and for those who might wish to pursue their education.


Associate Degree in Logistics: Program Information

A logistics degree provides individuals with the basic knowledge and skill set to gather and transport manufactured goods from a business to a consumer. The most basic degree offered in the subject is an Associate of Applied Science in Logistics.

Associate degree in management information systems

The field of management information systems (MIS) involves transferring and managing vast amounts of information within the business world. Students can pursue an Associate of Applied Science in Management Information Systems to acquire the skills needed for entry-level positions in this field. 

Associate degree in marketing management: program overview

A marketing manager or marketing associate works to the promote goods, products or services of a business to the consumer. While there are no associate degree programs dedicated strictly to the subject of marketing management, marketing programs do exists, such as the one that leads to the Associate of Science in Business Marketing.

Associate degree in taxation: program overview

Taxation is a field related to business and accounting that focuses on the local, state and federal tax regulations impacting corporations, non-profit charities and other organizations. Associate’s degrees in taxation are not available, but individuals can pursue an education in accounting at this level. Courses in an accounting associate’s degree program cover tax law, fraud examination and accounting technology

Associate degree Vs. bachelor degree in accounting: what’s the difference

The differences between an associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree in accounting include how long the program takes to complete, the rigorousness of coursework and career opportunities. Graduates with an associate’s degree in accounting can transfer credits into a bachelor’s degree program.


Computer sciences

associateAssociate Degree in Computer Analysis: Program Overview

Computer analysts, or computer systems analysts, often work within businesses or corporations to help configure hardware and software, recognize computer system issues, or help with other information technology needs. The associate’s degree available in the field is an Associate of Science in Computer Science.

Associate degree in game design: program summary

Video game designers use graphic design, animation and programming skills to develop video games. Students who are interested in earning a degree in the field from a community college or vocational school can enroll in an Associate of Science in Video Game Design and Development.

Associate degree for aspiring computer specialists

Aspiring computer specialists may consider earning an Associate of Science in Computer Science, an Associate of Science in Information Technology or an Associate of Science in Computer Programming, among other associate degree programs. Possible computer specialist’s careers include a computer programmer, computer network specialist or information technology specialist.


Associate Degree in Auto CAD Drafting

A career as a drafter is a good fit for someone interested in drawing and technology. Drafters turn specifications and descriptions into detailed, scaled renderings using AutoCAD drafting. Read about all the career options for someone with an associate’s degree in AutoCAD drafting.

Associate Degree in Biomedical Equipment Technology: Program Info

An associate’s degree program in biomedical equipment technology helps students to develop the technical skills needed to begin entry-level careers as biomedical equipment technicians. Professionals in the field test maintain and repair the high tech medical equipment used in a variety of healthcare facilities. Read on to learn more.

Associate Degree in Engineering Technology: Program Information

Engineering technology applies principles of math and science to designing and repairing devices or structures. Associate’s degree programs are available in many disciplines of engineering technology to train aspiring technicians to enter a specific field. This article focuses on programs in electrical, mechanical and civil engineering technology.

Associate Degree in Industrial Engineering: Program Information

Industrial engineering is a broad field that concentrates on productivity, quality management and overall workplace efficiency. These professionals are skilled in the proficient use of industrial resources, machinery and utilizing staff members. They often work for industrial and manufacturing facilities, restoration workshops, storerooms and warehouses.

Associate Degree in Mathematics: Program Information

An associate’s degree program in mathematics is typically a 2-year transfer program for students who plan to go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Offered at a number of U.S. colleges and universities, the degree program is excellent preparation for bachelor’s degree programs in actuarial science, engineering and accounting. Graduates can also find entry-level positions in business, government and finance.

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