2 Year Degrees Careers

Among the excitants fields careers you have:

Physical Therapist Assistant                                    Career Word

While every other job sector, the health care branch added nearly 400,000 opportunities for jobs. In addition, a salary in this field would fortunately take care of your debt after getting your degree. Job openings for physical therapist assistants are expected to grow by 33 percent in the next ten years; most physical therapist assistants either work in a hospital or a physical therapist’s office.

The salary of a physical therapist assistant is on average of $46,100 a year

Web Designer

As there are companies, institutions and creative agencies with something to retail or promote, there will be absolutely a need for employees to design and maintain their web sites. Even in the hard economic times, some would consider that this is one of the best careers they can find with an associate’s degree. However many web designers are working at their own business, countless others work in staff posts.

A web designer average salary is $48,800 a year.

Electronic Engineering Technician

The high request for engineers in this branch makes the electronic engineering one of the best 2 year degrees careers. These technicians include a third of all engineering technician careers. They often work in industrial or commercial fields and laboratories, taking calculations, setting tests, verifying equipment and besides assisting the engineers on their team.

Electronic engineering technician have an average salary of: $47,170 a year.

Registered Nurse

If it’s a high developed branch you want, you can’t hit registered nursing. It’s one of the associate’s degree careers that pay high salaries. According to the U.S. Statistics, RNs are the hugest job in the health care branch, with 2.5 million occupations out there, about 587,000 new occupations estimated to start by 2016 and 59 percent of RNs working in hospitals.

A registered nurse takes as an average salary: $55,280a year.

Computer Support Specialist

Finding one of the good careers with a best 2year degrees isn’t hard if you’re interested in fixing computers. Computer support specialists comprise the technology support and help desk employees who help customers and users with problems they’re facing with their computer hardware and software and solve it. Almost, computer support specialists enjoy the fancy of working from home or working pliant hours.

A computer support specialist has an average salary of: $46,110 a year.

Administrative Assistant

In the business field, there’s no shortage of administrative occupations. It’s one of the certain occupations you can get with a best 2 year degrees. And though you may open up as the low man or woman on the post, once you’re in the section you’re in a first position to prove your worth and raise the ranks.

An executive assistant has an average salary: $37,700 a year.

Dental Hygienist                                 Job Announcement

We can say that this career is the most chic one while would be dental hygienists must obtain a state license on top of their best 2year degrees; it is well worth the placement. It is one of the highest paying occupations with a best 2 year degrees. According to the Statistics, more than half of the country’s dental hygienists work for a part-time job and many enjoy soft work schedules. Even better, this is one of today’s quickest growing jobs.

The dental hygienist has an average salary: $57,150 a year.

Mapping Technician

Regardless the construction industry took some big employment beats in some years, but the government is trying to develop this field and there will be a large demand for surveying and mapping technicians. It will be among the best 2 year degrees careers. Such technicians over work in the field they are collecting data, taking calculations and supporting with computer-aided drafting.

Mapping technician has a salary average: $42,110 a year.

Veterinary Technician

The Statistics estimates that this branch will grow crucially during the next ten years. Veterinary technicians almost work in a private veterinary practice, performing laboratory tests and clinical proceedings. He or she must pass an estate exam and the salaries aren’t as high as much comparing with the other occupations on our list, but for those who love this career and want to help animals, the arbitrations are well worth it.

The veterinary technician has an average salary: $33,370 a year.

Camera Operator

While concurrence to break into TV broadcasting and film can be rigid, the continued development of web content means more occasions for camera operators. It’s one among the best occupations that you can get with a best 2 year degrees if you want to be in this branch. Television and film work often imply long or unusual hours. That’s why; many camera operators revolve toward commercial advertising or limited videos. The more computer qualifications a camera operator has, the better their occupation outlooks.

Camera operator has an average salary: $42,560a year.

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