Administrative And Commercial Management Degree

Objectives of the program and skills covered


Administrative and Commercial Management Department offers a multidisciplinary program for professional purposes in the field of administrative and commercial Graduating Student management. This best 2 year degrees, is validated by a national degree from the University of Technology.

The best 2 year degrees aim to train staff management can adapt their skills within the changing context of today’s business, whatever its size. This course allows students to gain an understanding of internal and external issues related to the organization and have skills in management, business, sales, organization, communication and entertainment companies.

It prepares students to be:


  • Versatile in the areas of administrative and commercial management, management accounting, financial and tax;
  • Competent in information technology and communication, organization and human resources management, management control, logistics and strategy;
  • Able to assist to term of the leader of a small business.



  • Discovery and introduction of business management
  •  Communication
  • Approaches of business and management techniques
  • Corporate Communications
  • Operational management
  • Strategic Management
  • Professional applications


Professional opportunities


The graduates of best 2 year degrees in administrative and commercial management are versatile staff able to assist managers of small and medium businesses or small and medium industries. Target companies are those with between 20 and 100 employees, representing 49% of companies.


Graduates can fill the following positions:

  • Marketing assistant
  • Collaborator versatile management,
  • Assistant sales and marketing,
  • Sales advisor, banking services, distribution,
  • Account Manager,
  • Assistant accountant, management control, human resources, logistics,
  • Assistant business manager,
  • Assistant purchasing manager, etc…


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