Best 2 Year Degrees in Industrial Hygienist


Best 2 year degrees of Technology Health, Safety and Environment aims to train senior technicians with strong technical knowledge and having a sense of human contact to manage risk in the areas of health, safety and the environment. Training enables graduates to become open to preventions technical and regulatory aspects in the areas of health and safety at work and safety and environmental protection.

Professional areas covered are numerous and cover trades such as Engineer Company, Public Sector Technician, Technician Testing, Officer Firefighter, Technical Sales, Prevention / Safety Coordination.

The degree program provides on four semesters. The first two are carried out under student status. Semesters 3 and 4 are performed by means of the alternating at a rate of 15 business days, 15 days training.

Throughout the training, support in the construction of personal and professional project is provided as well as assistance in the preparation of a CV, letter of motivation, recruitment interviews. Looking for an apprenticeship for the six months S3 and S4 is framed by professional insertion.


Career Opportunities Health and Safety Officer

A graduate of best 2 year degrees in industrial hygienist has many career options



– Hygiene and Quality Technician

– Hygienist

– Responsible for cleanliness and hygiene in a municipality


– Firefighter

– Safety Officer

– Radiation Technician

– Safety Coordinator



– Acoustics

– Environment Advisor

– Technician of waste treatment

– Technician of Water Treatment


Versatile Employment

– Health, Safety and Environment Officer


The range of employment opportunities is very wide 

• Technician responsible for the prevention of risk, safety, ergonomics, environmental protection, public enterprises in the security services, the environment, working conditions of private companies in the insurance …,

• Inspector in body control and prevention, public or private

• Technician territorial

• Officer firefighter after further study of at least one year and a competition.


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