Best 2 year degrees of multimedia

Multimedia best 2 year degrees provide each student the opportunity to learn and master all the disciplines related to communications and multimedia. The teaching of Multimedia  these disciplines is spread over 3 years following a progression carefully studied by a teaching staff.


This team, which boasts more than 10 years of experience in the teaching of computer graphics and multimedia is composed of both academics and professionals involved.


It has always been committed to finding the right balance between theoretical fundamentals and skills necessary adapted to the reality of the profession. Thus, the knowledge imparted to students cover a wide panels starting from the theoretical foundations and cultural field techniques to achieve project management, while ensuring mastery of techniques and tools handled during the phases of design and construction.


Within the University Multimedia chain offers, for students a program of 2 years for careers in computer graphics and multimedia that allows them to turn a passion into a real professional project.




  • Mastering the tools of computer and audiovisual communication.
  • Integrate knowledge constraints in the process of creation of information media and communication functions to ensure micro-computer technician.

The multimedia professions


Multimedia designer

Multimedia designer director accompanies the birth of a multimedia product, whether it is a CD-ROM educational or commercial, a video game, a DVD or a website. It determines the overall architecture, that is to say, he organizes and directs the various contents to make them attractive. Then he sees the means of navigation that allow access to information.

Versatile, multimedia designer director discusses issues of technique, design and content.

Imagine the path of users in a CD or offer tips to facilitate the use of the product requires a seething imagination but also a practical mind!

You can access the job of director multimedia designer from best 2 year degrees of multimedia.




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