Best 2 Year Degree: Biotechnology Degree Studies to get the best 2 year degree in biotechnology are intended to train future technicians in the handling of cells and molecules. The studies are based on the perspective of design products on an industrial scale or for research and development in the field of health, agriculture and pharmacy.


The required profile

Applicants wishing to pursue their studies in order to obtain a biotechnology degree must have certain qualifications. They must possess a high school degree in bioengineering or biochemistry or hold a high school degree with a specialization in Science.



The patent upper biotechnology technician provides access to various departments of research and development in the field of industrial technology. The Biotechnology Technician will report to the Head of laboratory or manufacturing organization according to the company. Note that this position requires significant responsibilities, control theory, and successful experiences. Holders of best 2 year degree in biotechnology excel in the following areas:


– The development of pesticides and fertilizers and the production of enzymes

– Microbiology and hybridization

– The curriculum

According to their studies, candidates must pass an exam to obtain the biotechnology degree. In addition, two years of study are considered as a professional training to support the case when looking for a job.


The degree program

Students study several modules during their two years of training. The modules are divided into two distinct categories, which are general education including languages, mathematics, economics and management, computer and physical sciences. The second category includes biochemistry with bioengineering technology and analysis, microbiology, cell and molecular biology. These modules will be more extensive in the second year of study with courses in microbiology and biochemistry.



Required tests are:


– The English and the second foreign language in written test

– Mathematics and physical sciences written examination

– The basic biological sciences and biological engineering in written assessment for 4 hours

– Project planning for 4 hours

– Practical realization operation bioengineering for 8 hours

– Oral presentation of the report to work or internship for one hour



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