2 Year Degree of Cardiology


Job description Cardiology Degree


Because health care is increasingly complex, medical stations are becoming more specialized and include a number of different career opportunities. Cardiovascular technicians assist physicians in treating diseases or injuries involving the heart or blood vessels. This career has three specialty areas: vascular technology, invasive cardiology and echocardiography. These specialists have responsibilities such as performing cardiac catheterizations in administering ultrasound examinations, assisting doctors with circulation problems and analyzing the heart chambers, valves and vessels.


Cardiology technologists perform some or all of the following functions:


– Using electrocardiogram and other electronic equipment to record cardiac activity of patients;


– Perform procedures and tests of cardiovascular function such as electrocardiograms, tolerance tests to exercise, ambulatory monitoring and scanning of bands, pacemaker analysis and monitoring, and echocardiograms;


– Monitor and evaluate cardiac activity and prepare reports preliminary tests;


– Providing care to patients during procedures and tests;


– Preparing reports for interpretation by cardiologists;


– Reprogram pacemakers according to the required standards;


– Check cardiology equipment to ensure their proper functioning;


– Analyze, if necessary, testing and notify the physician or other health care professionals;


– Administer, if necessary, certain drugs under direct supervision of physician;


– Documenting and recording, as appropriate, measures pacemaker implant threshold under the direct supervision of a cardiac surgeon;


– Train and supervise, as appropriate, students, other cardiology technologists and nurses.


Program and courses


Applicants to best 2 year degrees in cardiovascular technology take a program full of beneficial courses and acquire professional skills, the program provide students with a background in science such as biology and chemistry.


 The main courses


The theoretical courses are taken in classrooms like anatomy and biology other courses include:

  • Physiology
  • Hospital procedures
  • Echocardiography
  • Biochemistry
  • Vascular and cardiac physiology
  • General psychology


Salary range


As in any other work, the annual salary varies depending on the setting of the work experience, the state and city employment, education, and even other general factors. Those with one to four years of experience can expect to receive an annual salary of about $ 36,000 to $ 56,000. Those with five to nine years of experience may require a salary of $ 58,000 to $ 84,000 per year. Professionals who have over 10 years of experience may be eligible for a maximum payment of $ 90,000.





Best 2 Year Degree to Become Legal Assistant

Job description Legal Assistant


The legal assistant is a specialized secretary who works under the supervision of a lawyer in the legal department and legal department of a company, or under the supervision of a lawyer. Controlling mechanisms and legal language, it is the interface between customers and auxiliaries of justice such as lawyers, notaries, solicitors and bailiffs.


Daily, the legal assistant performs the duties of a traditional secretariat adapted to her professional context. She takes the agenda of the firm and manages various business courses, appointments and schedules of lawyers or lawyers for whom she works.

She prepares and archives files, filters the information necessary for decision making. Then, it transmits to the interested parties agreed deadlines. And when operating in a law firm, she writes the reports of meetings, follows the procedures in the courts, takes actions and sends the results to the parties, manages the provision, billing, and statements of costs of different cases.


To succeed in her mission, the legal assistant must demonstrate strong knowledge of the law to prepare legal documents; besides the master of at least two foreign languages and the use of new technologies.


Interpersonal skills are essential, especially when practicing in a law firm. Bound by professional secrecy as well as officers of the court she attends, she must be discreet, available, organized, and methodical, demonstrate initiative, have a great ability to listen punctuated by the precision and direction of the organization.


Program and courses


You can prepare the best 2 year degrees in Legal Careers. Many schools offer the training for a period of two years. Open to graduates the priority, chain recruits in folder: good writing required! Half of the program focuses on private law (civil, commercial, and social) and public law (public institutions and administrative law).

The program gives legal disciplines with a practical orientation period of ten weeks and tutored projects. Accounting techniques of expression languages are the other half of the program.


Studies are conducted in best 2 year degrees, alternating courses and college internships. The first year includes legal matters, scientific and practical subjects and techniques.

The second year covers the following disciplines: criminal law, political economy, civil procedure and commercial law, contract law, administrative law, tax law, labor law, law of obligations, office, computer, technical, administrative and accounting, technical communication.


Job opportunities


Career development depends on the ability to take responsibility and the size of the company.


Legal assistants can become priests in the offices of notaries or bailiffs from professional examinations.


According to their level of education where they may present with administrative support (attached, clerk …).


Skin Care Specialist in 2 Year Degree


Degree program and courses Skin Care Specialist


The courses offered by best 2 year degrees from beauty school are a complete and personalized instruction tailored to the needs of today. The theory is accompanied by educational materials given to the student.


In addition, under the supervision of a professional trainer, practical workshops join the theoretical periods for the student to acquire and deepen the knowledge necessary to effectively use the equipment and beauty products.


This aesthetic training gives the student the necessary skills to meet current employers and clients. The course was designed by professionals in order to train future beauticians who will be equally.


Main courses

  • Code of Ethics
  • The health and safety
  • Skin anatomy and physiology
  • Appliances and equipment
  • The assessment of skin
  • The basic facial
  • Cells and tissues
  • Systems of the human body
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Makeup base
  • The waxing
  • The manicure
  • Back care
  • Care with specific advanced equipment
  • Foot Care
  • Initiation body care


Job description


The skin care specialist applies various beauty treatments to beautify, maintain the skin and enhance skin appearance of a person.


Skills to develop


  • Ability to examine the skin of the customer and suggest appropriate treatment
  • Ability to advice on cosmetics and makeup
  •  Manual dexterity
  • Concern for a job well done
  • Professional approach
  • Confidence



2 Year Degree Program to Be a Veterinary Technician


Job description Veterinary Technician


Technologists and veterinary technicians ensure the welfare of animals by providing health care.


The veterinary technicians take care and treat sick animals under the supervision of a veterinarian. They make blood tests and x-rays, providing teeth care, assist the veterinarian during surgery and care for animals recovering… Training for technicians VET is generally takes best 2 year degrees.


Veterinary Technician Training


To take the exam for National Veterinary Technician certificates, a person must obtain an associate degree program accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. These programs typically require between 66 and 72 credits, more focused on the veterinary practice.




The program provides basics for people to understand and interact, and develop excellent communication skills. Courses could include the psychology of human relations, sociology, communication skills, ethics and discourse.


Veterinary Technician Courses


Animal science courses typically include zoology and animal anatomy and physiology. Courses include specific veterinary management veterinary office, clinical pathology, nursing surgery and animal care, animal infectious diseases, medical care, anesthesia, radiology, pharmacology and control of the hospital supply… An internship is included in the program.


Employment Opportunities


Employment prospects for this occupation are expected to be roughly equal to the average for all occupations. Most job openings will be created by the need to replace existing staff in this area.


The average annual salary of a veterinary technician is about $ 30,000.



Teacher Assistant in 2 Year Degree


Program Description and Objectives Teacher Assistant


This program of best 2 year degrees enables students to acquire the essential skills to work in schools with customers that have special needs.

The courses are closely linked to practical activities. The student will be able to acquire the knowledge and skills to act more effectively in situations of teaching aid. The program is designed to allow the teacher assistant confront and consolidate their knowledge and obtain a post-secondary education.


The program also invites anyone wishing to work in the school to come and follow the program leading to certification; certification will soon become a requirement for hiring future teaching assistants.


The Special Education program of best 2 year degrees: teaching assistant has four components of training. The courses offered in this program deal with personal care, support behavior management, support of educational program, informatics and functional technology.




This best 2 year degrees program prepares students for employment in the world of education especially special education. The entire training is geared towards assisting children experiencing difficulties at school adaptation, behavior or other in their school.

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