Computer science degree : best 2 year degrees

Computing grows in all sectors. If the needs for specialists remain important, the role of the computer is brought to diversify into complementary activities and consulting organization.Computer Science Degree

IT departments train people to meet these needs.


Content program

Students work during their studies on micro-computers (Windows NT) and medium systems (UNIX)



  • Computer Algorithms and Programming Languages, Analysis and Design of Information Systems, Computer Architecture, Databases, File Manager, Networks, Computer System.



  • Logic, Set Theory, Foundations of Analysis, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Graph Theory. Detecting and correcting codes error.


Expression and Communication

  • Development of both written and oral skills directly related to working life.



  • Laboratory language
  •  Video equipment.



Management Economics

  • General Economy and Organization. Micro-economic aspect, Macro-economic aspect, Management, and Computer law.



Graduates in computer science of best 2 year degrees, who have the level of senior technician, perform the functions of assistant engineers, so they are likely to have the responsibility to:


  • The implementation and development of applications defined by a specification (programming)
  • Modification of existing software (maintenance)
  • The conduct of the operation of a data center
  • Training of users (staff or clients)
  • User support for the operation of new products
  • The computer network management, network administration, managing databases.

After a few years of experience, they can access the functions of Project Manager, Operations Manager, and Head of a product.

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