Fashion Designer in 2 Year Degree

Do you want to be a fashion designer and see your innovations and ideas turn into wearable garments? The fashion design degree of best 2 year degrees has a program in just 2 years to be graduated.


Job description Fashion Designer


The fashion designer is a clothing and accessories designer. He anticipates the fashion trends and designs models taking into account the technical constraints of manufacturing and brand it represents. It makes parts to be manufactured in series or unique way to haute couture.

Dynamics, the designer often works more than 12 hours per day, especially during the presentations of collections and exhibitions. Talent for teamwork, he knows how to work with each suppleness and firmness at the same time. Versatile, he is able to use the software and provide the total cost of collection.


Program and courses


In best 2 year degrees in fashion design, students learn the fundamentals of clothing design and production; the courses are:

  • Introduction to sewing
  • The fashion world
  • Evolution of fashion
  • Quilting tutorials
  • Method of cutting and sewing AB
  • Harmony of colors
  • Textiles
  • Curtains and decoration
  • Sewing furniture
  • Psychology of Customer
  • How to start
  • Concepts of accounting
  • job summary


Job opportunities


Designers may specialize in one area: woman, man, child, sportswear, lingerie, accessories … Often they put their talent to cosmetics, tableware…

You should know that it is almost impossible to break into haute couture. The industry is more open with department stores, buying groups and small enterprises starting their own style and open up new opportunities.

But it will often have a dual responsibility: stylist and designer. The best is to increase placements and internships in different societies, if you want to master marketing and computer work.




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