Logistics And Transport In 2 Year Degrees

Objectives of the 2 year degree and skills covered


The transport and logistics technician must master the technical skills necessary for their future profession, in particular the transport of people and goods, inventory management and procurement, production management, techniques of international trade, etc… A good knowledge of languages, the main currents of international trade and international trade practices enable the graduate to deal directly with customers or partners. He must know the tools necessary to optimize the quality and safety of physical and informational flows to provide efficient alternatives in case of current flows disruption.

Program content and organization Graduates of International Logistics


Initial training in student status or alternately under apprentice status, the degree of technology in transportation logistics takes two years or four semesters.


Students must complete a probationary period of 4 weeks 1st year and 8-week internship in 2nd year in industrial and commercial enterprises.


In training, the degree is prepared on a calendar year with an internship of 8 to 9 weeks.


The different courses are divided into 3 units. They are on the 4 semesters of training, knowledge acquired by students of the specialty GLT so they can master the areas of competence of their future profession. Control knowledge results from continuous monitoring.


The courses are:

Communicate: Communication – expression:
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • General Economics
  • Knowledge of the business – business organization
  • marketing
  • General principles of law
  • Commercial Law
  • Private law of transport
Manage the logistics and transport: Accounting and financial management:
  • Data processing
  • Mathematical and statistical tools
  • Geography
  • Transport Economics
  • Strengthening education transportation
  • Introduction to Logistics
  • Actors and tools of international trade
  • Strengthening the teaching of logistics: Introduction to inventory management
  • Management tools logistics warehouse management and packaging
  • Controlling logistics
  • Quality


Get ready for professional life: Personal and Professional Project (PPP):
  • Tutored projects
  • Training


Professional opportunities


During his employability, graduate of best 2 year degrees in logistics and transport operates primarily in freight and passenger service in logistics among manufacturers and retailers.

The functions that he provides are mostly for operations and management (vehicles, stocks of goods, storage locations) or administrative (monitoring records), sometimes techno-commercial (assistance of responsible, clients’ management).

As to the career development, jobs are moving more towards the sectors of industry and distribution. The functions performed tend to extensive responsibilities (larger managing teams, responsible for operating a service or agency …).







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