Nursing Degree In 2 Years

The practice of nursing is mainly in hospitals and clinics, including operating rooms and psychiatry. The proportion of elderly people significantly increasing the retirement Nursehome is also requesting, and rehabilitation centers. They can also work in the context of homecare.


Before undertaking a best 2 year degrees of nursing assistant, you must remember that the job of a nurse is tiring. The caregiver is always standing, host and installation of sick people, help them dressing, give them meals or walking, taking temperature and dressings, she ran from one room to another.


She also provides maintenance tasks both in the room (cleaning, linen change) in respect of the material (disinfection and sterilization). Care for sick children, too serious accidents, people in later life as well as moral support that must often provide families needed good balance nerve.




  • Accompany a person in the activities of daily life
  • The clinical status of a person
  • Care
  •  Ergonomics
  • Relationship – Communication
  • Local hospital hygiene
  • Transmission of information
  •  Organization of work


Internship is also implemented; performing internships in hospitals or outside the hospital with appropriate supervision.


Job opportunities


The nurse can work:

– In the hospital sector (medicine, surgery, psychiatry, etc …)

– With elderly persons.

– Or in a nursing home.

This is a future job- many positions are filled.








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