Short Higher Education

If you are attracted by the short higher education, remember that there are many formations. Some are common to several levels of education: further training of local initiatives, university degrees, certificates of specialization, training provided by specialized schools … But also the additional terms proposed learning, highly prized by employers, professional licensing … In short you have a choice.

We invite you to read all of these courses listed below and make sure the conditions of registration for each channel you have selected.


Degrees common to several levels of education Hat With Degree


The additional training of local initiatives takes a best 2 year degrees. These courses provide additional specialization holders of professional degrees, technological or general. They are created to meet the needs of local businesses in a given time. They may be made full-time or alternatively, mostly in vocational school.


The degrees are awarded by universities. Universities themselves determine admission requirements, content and duration of training. Some best 2 year degrees are an additional training in highly targeted areas. They are particularly numerous in the medical and paramedical staff, in addition to medical training sanctioned by national degrees. Most of the time, the total duration of university degrees can be spread to a few hours a week, for two years. These degrees can be prepared at all levels of higher education from one or two years to eight years.


The specialization certificates are proposed by the Ministry. These specialized courses provide a 1 year qualification or 2 years. They are available to students who have completed a bachelor’s level as a vocational baccalaureate.


Specialized training schools represent the entire range of studies offered by public, private or consular (that is to say dependent Chambers of Commerce and Industry) in various fields such as art, commerce, broadcasting, paramedical and social, tourism, etc… These courses provide access to State best 2 year degrees or certifications specific to the school and variously recognized depending on its status.







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