Skin Care Specialist in 2 Year Degree


Degree program and courses Skin Care Specialist


The courses offered by best 2 year degrees from beauty school are a complete and personalized instruction tailored to the needs of today. The theory is accompanied by educational materials given to the student.


In addition, under the supervision of a professional trainer, practical workshops join the theoretical periods for the student to acquire and deepen the knowledge necessary to effectively use the equipment and beauty products.


This aesthetic training gives the student the necessary skills to meet current employers and clients. The course was designed by professionals in order to train future beauticians who will be equally.


Main courses

  • Code of Ethics
  • The health and safety
  • Skin anatomy and physiology
  • Appliances and equipment
  • The assessment of skin
  • The basic facial
  • Cells and tissues
  • Systems of the human body
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Makeup base
  • The waxing
  • The manicure
  • Back care
  • Care with specific advanced equipment
  • Foot Care
  • Initiation body care


Job description


The skin care specialist applies various beauty treatments to beautify, maintain the skin and enhance skin appearance of a person.


Skills to develop


  • Ability to examine the skin of the customer and suggest appropriate treatment
  • Ability to advice on cosmetics and makeup
  •  Manual dexterity
  • Concern for a job well done
  • Professional approach
  • Confidence



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