Teacher Assistant in 2 Year Degree


Program Description and Objectives Teacher Assistant


This program of best 2 year degrees enables students to acquire the essential skills to work in schools with customers that have special needs.

The courses are closely linked to practical activities. The student will be able to acquire the knowledge and skills to act more effectively in situations of teaching aid. The program is designed to allow the teacher assistant confront and consolidate their knowledge and obtain a post-secondary education.


The program also invites anyone wishing to work in the school to come and follow the program leading to certification; certification will soon become a requirement for hiring future teaching assistants.


The Special Education program of best 2 year degrees: teaching assistant has four components of training. The courses offered in this program deal with personal care, support behavior management, support of educational program, informatics and functional technology.




This best 2 year degrees program prepares students for employment in the world of education especially special education. The entire training is geared towards assisting children experiencing difficulties at school adaptation, behavior or other in their school.

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