Topographer Degree


Job description Topographer


The topographer or surveyor operator shall conduct surveys metrics that establish a plan and an accurate map of all the details of a field.


These same techniques are used to determine the plan that shows the cadastre, which lists and defines all estates (land, farms, buildings …) and their owners. Tracking (GPS) is now an indispensable tool for the job.


The technician surveyor prepares plans and maps at all scales from surveys. These plans represent all details visible soil taking into account the legal limits, fiscal constraints and cadastre.


It also participates in projects of urban and rural, settlements or industrial property estimates. The function has a good deal of paperwork to process the data collected on site.


Method, precision, rigor are essential qualities. Good analytical skills and synthesis is also required.


Program and courses


There are courses at different levels


Program of 2 year degrees in topography to become a technician:

Provides training in conjunction with professionals, control of major disciplines topographic and devotes a large part related to science and technology.

For this purpose, it is provided students a thorough education in the core disciplines (instruments and methods topographic surveying and general compensation, general and applied informatics, geographic information systems, Geodesy, Photogrammetric and Remote Sensing …).

Courses in civil engineering, urban and rural enable future graduates to collaborate achievements of other specialties and participate in projects within multidisciplinary teams.

The objective sought also requiring legal training and human engineering students are introduced to the practice of law, property expertise, the humanities, business management and foreign languages.

– Surveyor in 2 years. The degree provides many opportunities and access to the competition cycle engineer.


Job opportunities


Depending on their level of qualification surveyors have the opportunity to hone their skills, spend contests and evolve in different types of businesses (construction, civil engineering, urban planning, agriculture, land …).





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